mardi 17 juillet 2018

135- Quality -7- Your buying criteria


One of my contacts from LinkedIn, Gildas Guibert, technical manager of a major French fruit production company, and very active on the networks, recently launched a survey among members of his French-speaking network.

Published answers made me want to know what the reactions of my network to this question are.
My network being more international, I decided, with his agreement, to resume this survey but modifying the question.

Picture of my own

So here it is:

When you buy unprocessed food (fruits, vegetables, cereals, eggs, meat, milk, etc.), what is most important to you?

1-    The price? This is the consumer price.
2-    The taste? Depending on the products, we will talk about flavors, sugar, crunchiness, juiciness, etc.
3-    The aspect? Depending on the products, it may be color, brightness, freshness, appearance defects, etc.
4-    The origin? Local, national, close import or far import.
5-    The mode of production? Environmentally friendly production (organic farming, integrated production, conservation agriculture), or conventional production, small farmers or large farms, etc.

On the other hand, as I believe your response will be influenced by your relationship to agriculture, I would like you to indicate it in the following way:

A-   Direct relationship to agriculture (farmer, or packer of agricultural products, agricultural worker or working in agricultural product packing, agricultural adviser, farmer's child, etc.)
B-   Indirect relationship to agriculture (manufacturer or seller of agricultural inputs or equipment, service provider to agriculture, such as insurance or new technology services for example)
C-   With no relationship to agriculture.

And finally, tell me your country of origin. I believe that the culture of each country may have an influence on food education.

Your answer could be, for example:
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, B, India

Of course, comments are optional, but welcome.

Indicate your answers preferably as a comment directly on the blog, it will be easier for me not to lose any answer.

I count on you. Share on your networks, we will have more answers. It will probably take me a while to analyze everything, but I am sure that we will learn some very interesting lessons.


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