dimanche 2 mars 2014

8- Portraits of flowers


I like to live to the rhythm of the seasons, probably due to my work. And before that, here in Seville, blooms are finished (started this year by mid-January, about ten days in advance), I have decided to interpose something about peach flowers.

The peach tree has two types of flowers, depending on the variety:
The campanulacea flower with small petals. Reproductive organs can be exposed before full flower opening. There is few variety of form and color.
Rosacea flower, the most common type, with large petals, sometimes double, and very envelopping. The reproductive organs are protected until the full opening of the flower. There is great diversity of shapes and colors (always in pink).

Campanulacea type flower



Rosacea type flower

Diversity of rosacea type flowers


 Desordered or neglected

Double petals
A little palish 

Fuschia pink (and double petals)
 Madam, they are twins (there are two pistils)

Oh! Sorry!


Then, simply comes the fruit formation, evolution and growth till maturity.

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