vendredi 20 juin 2014

22- A cup of linden tea?

Do you see these two photos? 

It is a linden tea bag, on both faces, in promotion with another infusion. It is organic, as indicated, and a bit expensive.
But the real question is, does it exist a conventional linden tea, non-organic?

Therein lies the scam. Because linden is never treated or fertilized. It is always organic. The linden remains one of the few consumer products that has never generated a real cultivation. It continues to be produced from traditional trees, formerly planted in gardens areas.
Additionally, linden is a shaft which substantially no pests, and which has a strong ability of natural growth. So linden never receives pesticides nor fertilizers.
In other words, whatever linden tea you buy, it is always organic, even if not indicated.

But we are too used to interpret the non labeled as conventional production. Clubbing has formatted us to think that if there is no label, it probably contains pesticides, or any type of toxic products.
Gradually, this kind of scam took his little shelf space, without anyone pays attention.

When I told you that organic is primarily a market and that the organic consumer is a willing victim.

Come on, are you doing a little linden tea, especially if it is organic, you'll sleep better ...Victim, yes, but rested.

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