lundi 22 septembre 2014

30- They are everywhere!


In your bed, in your bathroom, in your living room, on your desk, in your library, from decorating your home, even hiding among the best symphonies, even on yourself, they are there with you, around from you.
But who?
Mites? Yes, also, of course. But it's not them in this case.
No, I mean the farmers.
What? There is a farmer hidden in my bathroom?
No, don't worry. Unless you are a family of farmers, of course ...

I'll enlighten you ...
I just want you to be aware that agriculture is present in our daily lives, well beyond food.
Obviously we're all big consumers of agricultural products, since each and every food we are ingesting comes from agriculture or one of the integrated sectors, sometimes after passing through the food industry.
But agriculture is involved in many other sectors of the economy, which makes it even more present daily.
Agriculture includes in particular crops, livestock, forestry, beekeeping, fishing and fish farming.

Here is a not limited list of products or elements of your daily life that come from agriculture. You probably know that, but maybe you are not conscious. This will give you a glimpse of this reality:
          - Bedding, from the wooden bedspring, through the latex, horsehair or wool mattresses, with its layers of cotton or wool, with its cotton finishing, its linen, cotton or silk sheets, wool blankets or feather duvet, everything comes from agriculture.
          - Clothing: all natural textiles come from agriculture (cotton, linen, wool, silk, bamboo fiber, leather)
          - Footwear: leather, cloth, laces, and even the sole, if it is leather or natural rubber,
          - Furnishings: wood, be it natural, plywood or chipboard, comes from forestry, and recycling of by-products of agriculture. Natural cloth and leather as well.
          - Energy: Biofuels are processed from agricultural products, biogas is largely based on the processing of agricultural waste.
          - The chemical industry uses, inter alia, agricultural products as raw materials or to transform them. This is the case of latex, of new biodegradable and renewable plastics from corn, potatoe or others crops starch, natural resins, etc.
          - The pharmaceutical industry also uses agricultural crops to synthesize certain drugs (cannabis, eucalyptus, mint, etc.), or essential oils. A current example is the use of tobacco (genetically modified, so GMO) to produce the first promising treatment in the fight against Ebola virus.
          - Cosmetics and Perfumery also use a lot of vegetable oils, essential oils, natural flavors, and many plant extracts.
          - Hygiene and cleaning products also use a lot of materials from agriculture.
          - Many natural plant dyes (pastel, indigo, madder, chlorophyll, etc.)
          - The cellulose present in the tissues, toilet paper, diapers, paper, cardboard, etc.
          - The music, with all instruments made of wood, horsehair violins, cellos and basses archers, etc.
          - Many craft or traditional items are made with elements like olive wood, walnut, pear, or braids wicker or straw, for example.
          - Lots of useful everyday things such as cork, wax candles, charcoal or wood for your fireplace, natural ropes of hemp or cotton, etc.
          - The flowers you love to decorate your home, your deck or jardin, you can buy them at the florist cut, potted for planting or seed for sowing. All this comes from the floriculture and nursery, other branches of agriculture.
          - The sport: your football, rugby, cricket or baseball stadium, your favorite racecourse or golf, all are also a branch of agriculture, called green spaces.

Be aware of that every day, when you growl on the road behind a tractor or an agricultural machine, or you protest against farmers mood movements, when you think (wrongly) that agricultural subsidies are excessive.
Be also aware of that every day, when you see a farmer working in his field on Sunday, or harvesting during the night because rain threat, even if he makes noise with his tractor at night or early morning, when you want to sleep during your weekend in the country.
If he does it, is that it has a good reason to do so.

The planet could experience a great cataclysm, face severe electromagnetic solar storms, and the world should do without a lot of industrial or high-Technology activities. In short, the world could survive despite the absence of many existing business.
But the world could not survive without agriculture.

Farming is life, simply.

Farmers work for you, daily and for your daily wellness.

Get to know them, and respect them.

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