mardi 10 mars 2015

39- Reading to learn


I thought I would have more time to write in this beginning of year. But no, nothing happened as planned. So, since I have trouble keeping pace, here are some good websites for you to continue to educate you on Agriculture.

Elodie Brans. She is French and lives in Spain. She is an agronomist and is specialized in plant physiology and biotechnologies.
In her blog, she explains plant phenomena in a way that combines very well science and popularization.
Only one regret: she does not publish in French. But I do not despair of convincing her.
In Spanish and English.

Luc Opdecamp. It is Belgian and agronomist. He became, as he defines himself philosopher agronomist. His blog and his publications on social networks are taking the height of view, expanding the debate, making us meditate beyond the usual.
Reading the blog, we easily feel become more intelligent.
In French. It is more of a web page than a blog, but it fits right in here. The editors are many, often from Latin America. All matters relating to agriculture can be addressed, regardless of the production system.
Some items lack scientific rigor, and others can be downright partisan.
But that does not detract from the interest of a large majority of the articles.
For me it is an important source of inspiration to write new articles and to publish in Spanish on social networks.
In Spanish

Rémi Dumery. "Good Morning. My name is Rémi, I am an important grain grower in Beauce, massively using pesticides, overexploiting the Beauce groundwater I gleefully pollute with my nitrates to irrigate corn, hunter, Catholic and probably conservative." That's his own presentation. He explains his craft frankly and bluntly. Intelligent and informative.
In French.

Dr. Jonathan Michley. He works at the University of Reading in the UK, where he leads a very interesting blog about botany.
Sometimes difficult because of a high level. Very interesting.
 In English.
Daniel Sauvaitre. He is an apple grower in the South West of France, president of the ANPP (National Apple and Pear Association) and president of WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association). It is also involved in politics at the local level with the UMP (conservative). His articles talk about his job, his rants, and also his political views.
Even if you don't think the same political side as him, his articles about agriculture are very interesting and have the relevance  given by his reflection to a more global level, and his participation in national and international forums.
In French.

With all that, you'll have something to read, to learn, and even broaden the view.
But do not worry, I continue with my blog. You will soon verify it.

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