lundi 18 juillet 2016

82- The revolt of science


You refuse to accept and justify the death of children?
You want to actively participate in the fight against hunger in the world?
You honestly believe that malnutrition can be overcome?
You find intolerable that thousands of children become blind because of a severe food shortage?
You agree with the idea that leaving voluntarily die millions of innocent people (mostly children) among the poorest in the world, to defend an ideology, is a crime against humanity?
You think life is more valuable than ideology, and that dogmatism has no place in a progressive society, which must advance through science and reason?


Do you agree with this?
So stop reading for a moment.
Go immediately sign this petition, I wait for you.

Hey, you're back?
I congratulate and thank you.
I did it too.
By the way, don't forget to let it know, to share the link on your social networks, email, smartphone messaging.

On the same web page, you will learn much about precision agriculture, which seeks to optimize agricultural production, by friendly and precise practices in order to minimize its negative impacts on environment and health.

You know that I'm not a fanatic of petitions, however, you may, like me, find that traditional methods don't work.
The public finds science boring and suspect when it tries to explain itself in front of negative emotions initiated by the rumors.
It always seems to be apologizing, to be justifying himself.
So it doesn't work.
Classical communication is no longer adapted to effective disclosure to the public.

We are in a communications war. And in a war, the only way to avoid being crushed by the attacker is to use the same weapons. This is for example the principle of nuclear deterrence.
The current weapon of mass destruction is the petition.
Then let's sign this petition, since it is based, unlike others, on science, the real one, which is based on experiments, following specific protocols, with results and conclusions reviewed by scientific committees, which leaves no room for doubt on the value of the results.

Because doubt exists, even in the most serious scientific results. It exists because it is made and insinuated by people who won't accept these results if they go against their ideology. And it's the case of, guess a little ... Greenpeace and other environmentalist purely political movements.

Greenpeace ceased to be a movement of defense of the environment long time ago. It became an ideological and political movement, to which human life and humanistic ideas are above all obstacles.
Greenpeace has gradually been transformed into Greenwar, to finally become Greendeath.
All this without changing its name. The concepts of war and death are still less buoyant than the notion of peace, even if it's a lie. The means don't matter, only the result account (see

When more than 100 Nobel publish an open letter (, or also, to ask it to stop doing blocking on golden rice, Greenpeace responds in a way that would be laughable if it were not speaking of the millions of victims of its sectarianism.
Because in number of victims, Greenpeace is on the same level as the worst dictatorships in modern history, Nazi, Soviet, Chinese, Khmer and well ahead of dictatorships like those of Argentina, Chile, Italy, Greece or Spain, among others and also before Daech (Isis), currently terrorizing the world.
Obviously, Greenpeace does not kill directly, victims don't fall bleeding in front of militants, but collateral damages of its actions don't scare to it.
I am French and my country is hardly hit by the attacks. See the hype (normal under the circumstances) in western countries, after the recent tragic bombings in Nice or Paris. 


This hype is already much less for the attacks in the Middle East for example.
But who speaks of victims of vitamin A deficiency, the vast majority are children?
These deaths are due to environmentalist terrorism, whose leader is Greenpeace.
But they are silent, remote, non-contagious, everyday deaths. There is no show. These are deaths that don't threaten us, that don't impress us, that don't stir us.
Still, I'm talking about 5000 children victims a day!!!
And the simplest and fastest solution to implement is prohibited because some lawless fanatics, put forward the precautionary principle???
Someone dares to seriously think that the precautionary principle prevails over the humanitarian emergency and the death of 5,000 children a day???

But in what kind of world do we live?

See what does not hesitate to write this militant in a response to this open letter, in the introduction of a militant diatribe, in a Mexican publication "It's not often that so many prominent scientists reveal their ignorance on a topic in such a short space ".

It's amazing. Dare to speak of ignorance about such an important Nobel panel. She got a lot of nerve!!!
Obviously, following the habit of Greenpeace, she reinforces her speech by insinuating or tenderizing, as appropriate:
-       These personalities are in the pay of companies specializing in GMOs. Already the title is clear "Nobel Laureates serving Monsanto and Syngenta", usual speech without any foundation, defamation that is waved when there is no more valid argument. This is even more true, that Golden Rice, if it happens one day to be sowed, will be completely free of rights, precisely so that the poorest can dispose of easily,
-       That golden rice is useless because it does not exist. This is true and relatively normal, since Greenpeace systematically destroyed all the experimental fields, causing huge delays and thus preventing any actual tests, for 20 years,



-       That GMOs are entirely controlled by 4 multinationals. This is absolutely false. See my post, in which I explain how more and more countries develop their own genetic research to make them available at no additional cost to their farmers, as is the case of Cuba, Philippines o Bangladesh for example,
-       That there are many other sources of vitamin A or beta-carotene. Sure, but precisely these people don't have access to these sources for technical or climatic reasons. Rice is almost their only food source. So stop telling this nonsense, just to try to justify the blockade and to blame others.
It's not me, it's the other one!

It makes me nauseous.

It's so easy. You launch a charge in the air without any basis, just to leave some doubt, some suspicion. It has become the trademark of Greenpeace, the world's largest factory of partisan rumors, and the active organization directly responsible of the major number of deaths.

So let's be reasonable, let's try, at least, in a well-defined and monitored way, with confined experimental golden rice fields, but of sufficient size, under strict environmental control. This golden rice will be distributed among the poorest populations, and we will see full scale if it works or not. This is the only way to know. These people will be experimental populations and this is ethically questionable? Yes, but otherwise they are condemned to death!!!
Let's give these people a chance to survive!!!
But will Greenpeace be able to accept this experiment, without considering it as a defeat?
And governments and other responsible bodies, will they be able to stand up to Greenpeace, to put the interests of poor people before their shabby little political calculations?

Agriculture is totally frustrated with these movements that manipulate ignorance as a mean of pressure on the leaders, as a weapon of mass destruction.
Farmers, sensible people, and those who refuse to be manipulated, can and should defend it.

So if you have signed this petition, let it know and share it massively on your social networks.
Be proud of that decision.

And if we let some humanity prevail over dogmatism of Greenpeace, right?
And if science really rebelled against obscurantism and dogmatism?
And if science shared its researches to the public, in its own way and without waiting to be attacked?

You signed? Be proud to have raised your head against the eco-political oppressor.
The revolt of the silent majority face the vociferous minority.

Thank you for these millions of innocent children.


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