samedi 4 janvier 2014

0- Why this blog?

Hello! My name is Christophe Bouchet, and I undertake the responsibility of the production for an important fruit production and commercialization company, in the Seville area, in Andalusia (Spain).

I am thinking in this blog for a long time, but I was hesitating. But encouraged by my wife Katia and by my friend and agronomical advisor Miguel Ybarra (who is just creating his blog, about agronomy), I start it.

I often receive solicitation from my family, my friends, my neighbors, who make me all types of questions about agriculture and its environmental impact, or about the grower’s job. I also notice the impressive amount of misconceptions and false information circulating about it. At last, I daily record (and suffer) numerous and repeated attacks against agriculture in general, and especially against conventional agriculture (that is from no organic production), generally considered as an essential source of pollution.

Nevertheless agriculture is metamorphosing, in a many years movement. Important efforts are done at all degrees of the food production and retailing chain, with huge investments in human and economic means. But all that work, although widely diffused in the professional circles, is totally unknown to the public, due to a substantially no communication. Consumers generally receive very few information about the origin or the production methods of the food they buy, although they are very interested. 
I want to write about the grower’s job, about crops management, about market operating, about foods themselves, but from my perspective of farmer. My specialty and my professional experience, make me mainly write about problematic of plants, and especially fruits. But a lot of subjects may be extrapolated to other agricultural productions.

I mainly intend this blog to consumers, and it’s why I want to put no technical or simplified information, destined to extend the general culture of everybody. It is open to all who are interested in what they eat, who have questions about food prices, food taste, food quality or how food is produced. Some points of view are personal and may displease. It will be the occasion of interesting debates.

I can´t undertake a regularity of publication, because I have very few free time. Nevertheless I want to try to systematically publish

In Spanish (my adoption and working daily language, that I learned in the Andalusian fields, and that might have a strange French-Andalusian accent),

In French (my maternal language, which, at first, I handle well!)

In English (my knowledge is quite poor and rusted, but I hope to still be able to write something understandable, in spite of using it very little).
It's a lot of work, but i think worth.

Wish me good luck, and if you think it’s interesting, please share the link of the blog, I want to reach a wide audience.
Thank you and see you soon for my first post.

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