dimanche 4 janvier 2015

9- About my blog

Today, a very short post because I want you may know that I am about to enter a period of professional turbulence. Fortunately, I have no employment problems, but I'm not about to have scheduling problems. From tomorrow, I will start thinning tasks (manual removal of fruits, so that those who are left get larger size and higher quality). In just over one month begins the harvest period, which will last until 20 or 25 of June. It means that during the next 100 days, my most intense period of the year and I have to be available 7 days a week, with a difficult schedule, leaving me little time to write. I will not abandon my blog or my readers, it just started! And I have yet many things to tell you. But I will have difficulty keeping up with a more or less weekly publication.
So do not be surprised if I publish less, or if I publish a little shorter topics.
See you soon , then.

To thank you for your patience and interest, some statistics of the blog, which I find amazing, today at 19:00:
- 64 days of existence
- 9 posts (not counting this one)
- 1458 readings
- 18 countries
Spain 817 readings
France 288
USA 252
Germany 59
Switzerland 10
Then come, in alphabetical order:
Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, South Korea, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ukraine

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