dimanche 4 janvier 2015

29- Culturagriculture and the social networks

Summer is on its end, and I finally published little in this period I'm supposed to have more time. It seems that this is not the case.
But I will still put together some interesting subjects, I will send you little by little.

I mostly spent time studying social networks, and I realized the incredible source of information, inspiration and diffusion they represent.
So I enhanced my personal and blogger activity through several channels:
Facebook, which I told you about a few weeks ago,
Twitter, that I discovered a very little time ago and I appreciate a lot. Very short messages allow me to open only the items that seem to be interesting,
LinkedIn, more professional network, but very active. I'm a member for several years, and I have expanded it in recent weeks
Google + is more general and it's an easy expansion network.

So I decided to use these four networks to diffuse. My blog requires a lot of work and time, because I want to keep the trilingual format as I have readers in over 50 countries. But it does not allow me to react quickly on topical subjects.
These networks allow me to publish, with no translation, the articles I find here and there, which I consider complementary to my blog.

I remind you that my goal with this blog is to popularize a knowledge of agriculture, to consumers who often do not know much, but receive significant media hype. This hype is generally very negative. It is fashionable to think that agriculture pollutes, destroys the environment, over-exploits the poor, enslaves, or even is dangerous to health.
Agriculture, for the stranglehold of some ignorant or lobbyists, unconcerned about the consequences of nonsenses they tell, is being converted into a huge problem, then it is a simple necessity. It is very easy to ruin an important and fragile activity, as agriculture. It's about food, and the fear of poisoning is an extremely powerful weapon.
Politicians, responsible for legislating, are generally more concerned about the reactions of the public, that about the public good. So they let guide their behaviour by those who shout louder, instead of following the path of reason, common sense or science, when it is not popular.
O surprise! I do not agree, and I try to explain why, from my farmer perspective.
I try to explain what agriculture is, how it has evolved and continues to evolve, how and why food safety has never reached such high levels that currently, the negative and positive impacts of the agriculture on the environment, etc ...

My problem? The diffusion. And this is when I need you. The progression of readings is too slow for my taste, and I wish that you, my readers, reveal the blog and/or my pages on social networks, to expand the public, especially to people unrelated to agriculture. These people are my primary target, and they are the most difficult to reach for me. My networks consist mainly in professionals, and I guess they generally have positions close to mine. I need to reach a larger public to gain in efficiency, compared to my target audience.
So I request your active participation, with the spread, through your own networks, of articles that interest you most.

I begin an ambitious and difficult task I will not be able to achieve alone. I found many other blogs or web pages, often very well done and interesting, well documented and illustrated, but very few are actually aimed at consumers.

If we want to improve the image of agriculture, to buyers of products of our work of farmers, it is to them that we have to go.
So I need to broaden my audience. And for that, I need you.

So here are my contacts on social networks. You can choose one, or take them all. Publications that do not come from the blog, are aproximately the same on all. Variants basically come from the time that I spend day after day, and sometimes from the quality of the link, occasionally difficult to copy on other pages.

You can directly receive notifications of new publications by entering your contact details in the "Receive notification by email" in the upper right of the blog.

Facebook: Culturagriculture
You will also receive new publications of the blog and related to it, directly on your own Facebook page if you click "Follow".

LinkedIn: Christophe Bouchet
Again, you will receive new publications of the blog and related to it, if you request to be connected with me, something I almost always agree.

Twitter: @culturagricultu  
Similarly, you will receive new publications of the blog and related to it, if you decide to click "follow".

Again, you receive new publications of the blog and related to it, adding me to your "circles."

Here, you have the choice of means. I trust you to expand diffusion.
My goal is the general good, and I need your help and your participation.

Thank you and goodbye.

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